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So Why Did They Do It? 0

Updated: A half-formed version of this post excaped captivity prematurely.

Long-time Maine Republican Matthew Gagnon has an interesting take on the current shenanigans within the Republican Party. He thinks it’s a battle over means, not ends. A nugget. (Read the rest, then bookmark Matthew Gagnon. He’s a sane voice from the right.):

Think of it like this. If you made Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, absolute ruler of the United States for a day, the end result of what he would remake the country into would not be all that different from what Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., would do were he given the same power. Honestly it wouldn’t be that different from what Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, would do, if we are being honest.

Yet to the average Republican activist, those three senators are as different as night and day, and the source of their perceived difference is mostly in their tactical approach to governing.

Given that, why did they do it? Because, as Chauncey Devega explains, it just felt sooooo goooood.


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