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The Lost Cause 2

Leonard Pitts, Jr., visits Gettysburg:

Last month, after exhausting the usual “where are you folks from” patter, the driver of a tour bus in Gettysburg offered this view of the battle that happened there: “Neither side was wrong,” he said. “Both fought for their beliefs.” He seemed not to consider that the Nazis did, too.

It was an attempt at moral equivalence, a pretense that both sides are equally valid, and it is not uncommon. When offered a chance to define what America means, some of us rush from judgment.

As long as the polity continues to behave as if the cause of the Secesh was an honorable cause, the Confederate States of America will continue to win the peace, even as they lost the war, and the Secesh will continue to plague the polity.



  1. George Smith

    November 17, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Paradoxically, after WWII, Germany was de-Nazi-fied. There has never been an equivalent in this country, there was never any forced truth and reconciliation. The reconstruction was defeated and now the country has a metastatic cancer as a consequence. 
    And that’s WhiteManistan. How do you kill it? How do you excise the strain of Ted Cruz and etc?

  2. Frank

    November 17, 2013 at 11:19 pm


    It was all about the money. If you want to know why Reconstruction ended as it did, this is the book.