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A New Look for the New Year 0

Happy New Year!

It was time to remodel. I’ve been working on this new theme the past few days. Please let me know of any problems you encounter by commenting on this post.

I chose it because of the full-width image and the “pages” menu, as well as the generally spare and uncluttered look, then tailored it my own preferences as to color scheme, fonts and font sizes, and so on. You can see the original here.

There are still a couple of glitches.

In particular, when the link to post a comment is clicked, the “Number of Comments” and “Post a Comment” items appear in blue (#364D96). It’s tagged as “h3.”

I cannot find where that comes from anywhere in the stylesheet and I have looked at every “h3” I can find.

I am also considering changing the background color for the banner; I’ll think on that one.


For you WordPress bloggers, one of the nice things about this theme is that, when you are logged in, there is a “edit” item for each post, even when you are not in the “single” view. You can have your main index page with the configured number of posts on the screen and still click to edit any post.


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