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  1. George Smith

    December 20, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    It’s just as easy to call the United States “Dickensian,” because it’s true, even moreso in a modern sense. And it’s combined with either apathy or the talking servant class all going on about how bad it is, finally, but not really interested in doing much about it.  Believe me, I’ve spent three months on Mechanical Turk and there’s a certain bleak nature to the filling out numerous university psychology, social science, and political science surveys on inequality in America and one’s attitude toward who deserves what and the shibboleths of capitalism for 50 cents and 20 minutes to half an hour of work, implemented by tenured professors who earn upwards of 80,000 a year.  So you can understand my biting cynicism that anything will get better until way more people suffer misery and social disruptions start. Until then it’s still too much good as edutainment, fertile ground for scholarly inquiry and the opportunity to wring one’s hands in print and on television. Case in point, my rep — Adam Schiff, posted on his Facebook page something about how the Republican Party wasn’t doing anything to extend unemployment benefits on the Continuing Resolution appropriations bill. Then he went and voted “Yes” for it, anyway, along with the rest of the majority of the Democratic Party in the House. Now, they could have — before Xmas — all voted “No” as a block and made the Republicans get every one of their members to vote it through and own it entirely. But, no, they couldn’t even do that. They had to do expedience. If I had him here today, on the phone, I’d ask him, “What did you expect ME, or anyone reading your FB page, to do? It was your responsibility, you had the power to say ‘Nay’ and stick to principle.”     

  2. Frank

    December 20, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    “Dickensian” is quite apt.


    Are there no workhouses?