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Today I said good-bye to Alan Collins’s “My Local Weather” plugin. I have been using it since I started blogging eight years ago (long before “widgets,” back when you actually needed to know how to edit code onto your sidebar, which I used to do with KDE’s kedit, now deprecated, since I was self-hosting back in those days). When I first started this thing, it was the first item I added to the sidebar; I was reluctant to let it go, but its time has passed.

I replaced it with the NOAA Weather plugin, which is more detailed and versatile, and pointed it towards Norfolk International Airport, which is about three miles away in a straight line (12 by car–something about a lake).

I tidied up the Blogroll, eliminating sites that seem to have gone dormant and adding some others, as well as added “Southern Beale” to the RSS feads; I also rearranged and edited several items on the sidebar hoping to make them more noticeable and accessible.

I’m hoping to find a way to move the “Categories” from the bottom of the sidebar to the Navigation Bar under the banner picture (I could just code them in a “page,” but I’m looking to automate the process if I can because they would be updated automatically if I changed them, plus I’m lazy).

Feedback is welcome.

Addendum, the Next Day:

I took the silly period out of the post meta-data date so it no longer reads, for example

01. January 2014

but, instead, simply

01 January 2014

and tidied up a couple of widgets.

I am liking this theme more and more.


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