From Pine View Farm

State of the Union Address 0

I’ll read about it tomorrow. That’s what newspapers are for.

In the meantime, I wish for the end of inane acronyms like POTUS and FLOTUS and SOTU.

A pox on the reporters and bloggers who think such constructions are cutesy-wutesy. They should STFU.

In other news, the snow in the street is up to the level of the top of the curb, indicating that five or six inches have already fallen, and it looks to keep up all night. Looks like a snow day tomorrow. See some pictures here.

One of the nice things about where I live is that I won’t have to shovel snow!

I remember the one time Ex and First Daughter had tickets for the Rockettes Christmas Show on the last day after Christmas that it was on the bill.

After I drove them to the station in a light snowfall, two feet fell on Upper Delaware. I spent all day shoveling out the driveway, a turn every two hours, so I could get out and pick them up at the train station when they got back from New York that evening.

I’ve shoveled my share.


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