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Wars and Mongers of War 0

Jon Stewart marvels at those who would snatch war from the jaws of peace.

Meanwhile, Chauncey Devega dissects the compulsion of old men to send young men and women to their deaths, using Bill Kristol, leading drum-beater for the Great and Glorious Patriotic War for a Lie in Iraq, as an example. A nugget (do read the rest):

Kristol leads men into battle from the rear. He is so far in the rear that words and newspaper columns are his ammunition. Kristol’s heroism consists of war mongering pithy in print and on TV; he quite literally has no skin in the game. Such sacrifice is for “those people”–the poor, working classes, and professional soldiers who are offered up for death so that others can feel masculine, tough, and strong.

Jon Stewart via AMERICAblog.


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