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Predictably, those who wish to persecute persons for being express outrage that Attorney-General Herring has jumped out of the persecution parade by deciding not to defend Virginia’s constitutional amendment against gay marriage.

They are claiming that he must, just must, defend any state law, just (as my mother used to say) because.

Mr. Herring, though, has found precedent for not doing so, deliciously citing one of their own.

“The Attorney General is the Commonwealth’s lawyer,” Obenshain (Mr. Herring’s opponent in the recent election–ed.) said in a statement. “It is deeply inappropriate for the Attorney General to use state resources to actively oppose a duly ratified constitutional amendment.??

Responding to such complaints, Herring said he is upholding his constitutional duty. He also said there is well-established precedent of Virginia attorneys general declining to defend certain state laws. An example he cited is Cuccinelli’s decision last year not to defend a law allowing the state to take over failing schools.

Heh, I say, heh indeed.

Snark aside, this is Virginia, not Massachusetts.

I again commend Mr. Herring for his political courage.


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