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Americans the Ugly 0

Moved below the fold because it rudely autoplays on some systems.


When I wrote this post, I was using Slackware Linux (once you Slack, you never go back–Slackware, the purest Linux, the Distro of Iron). The video does not autoplay on Slackware, but does autoplay on Mageia Linux, which I use on another computer because I like to explore different distros (“distributions”) of Linux operating systems.

I have a Windows computer, but it’s dual boot with Linux and is usually booted into the Linux side of the house, because, frankly, Linux just works better than Windows. Windows users, please use either the email link on the sidebar or the comments to let me if something is autoplaying, so I can deal with it accordingly.

Autoplaying is rude and obnoxious.

More ugliness here.


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