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Emphasis added.

A military veteran on a weekend getaway with his wife faces three years in a Canadian prison after his GPS mistakenly led him to the Thousand Islands Bridge border crossing in upstate New York.

Louis DiNatale, a retired Army sergeant major, told the Los Angeles Times that he hadn’t planned on entering Canada, but was “misdirected by an unreliable GPS.” He asked if he could turn around, but Canadian border patrol agents refused to allow him to.

The agents ultimately searched his car, found a pistol in the center console, and arrested him for smuggling.

Sounds like the agents may have overreached to me, but it also sounds as if he might have been an eensy-weensy bit high-handed, a tactic that does not win friends, but which does, indeed, influence people.

Also, he clearly wasn’t paying attention to the road or he would have seen the signs. Canada’s kind of big not to notice.


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