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We went out to a local restaurant last night. One television was tuned to sports; the other, to Fox (the volume was off on both, thank heavens). I was facing the Fox News one, from which, I could tell from the crawls, the anchorblonde was vomiting lie after lie.

Shaun Mullen explains how it works. A nugget:

The Republican playbook has been simple:

      * Avoid abstract ideas and appeal to the emotions.
      * Constantly repeat just a few ideas by using stereotyped phrases.
      * Always give only one side of the argument.
      * Continuously criticize your opponents.
      * Pick out one “enemy” in particular for special vilification.

This playbook would be immediately recognizable to students of the Third Reich. It was employed, almost word for word, with insidious effectiveness by Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s minister of propaganda.

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