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Mark Herring Is an Excellent Attorney-General 0

You can know a man by the company he keeps. You can also know a man by the company he doesn’t keep.

By any indication, Mark Herring is a great guy.

Conservative Del. Bob Marshall launched an impeachment campaign against Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring and almost immediately found the effort on rocky shoals among Republican leadership.

The Prince William County* Republican Thursday introduced resolutions in the House of Delegates that would direct legislative committees to consider whether aspects of Herring’s official conduct constitute impeachable offenses.

Bob Marshall, one of the most retrograde demagogues in the Virginia House of Delegates, is offended that Mr. Herring’s hate quotient is too low; in Marshall’s view, Mr. Herring ain’t hatin’ enuf on the gays.

Indeed, he ain’t hatin’ at all. The politics of hate isn’t his thing.

(Actually, I have met Mr. Herring, not that he would remember me from Adam, and he is a great guy).


Elections matter, folks. Voting is not a right. It is a duty.

You may see only a little bit of difference between the parties, but that little bit of difference can mean a hell of a big difference in day-to-day lives. There is no better example of this than the contrast between the current and the previous administrations in Virginia.

Vote, and when you do, vote in the real world, not in some fanciful world of purists, because the world ain’t pure (and, for that matter, neither are you and I, but that’s a different tale).


You purists who voted for Nader instead of Gore because “they’re all alike,” tell me, how’d that work out for you?


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