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At the Base 0

In case you missed it, Dennis G. explains it all* (emphasis added–follow the link for the rest):

The base is outraged that a black man is President. They are outraged that he dares to exercise the exact same type of Presidential powers that white Presidents have used in the past. They are outrage (sic) that he does not seek permission of the white GOP minority before he acts.

John Boehner gets the outrage of his base. He fears his base and needs them at the same time. To fluff them he will do anything. And so he is preparing to sue the President of the United States for the “crime” of being an uppity negro.

Fifty years ago, the Republican Party decided that the road to power was paved with racism, leading to the nomination of Barry Goldwater and, eventually, to Nixon’s odious “Southern Strategy,” which has since turned on and consumed the Party. In an epic role reversal, the Republican Party has become the party of the Secesh; loyalty to and fear of the Secesh influence and inform its every action.

If you haven’t figured that out by now, you haven’t been paying attention.


*Apologies to Clarissa, who explained it all first.


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