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“I Love a Parade” 0

It appears that the Regent also loves him a parade.

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell asked U.S. District Judge James Spencer on Thursday to permit 20 additional blank subpoenas for the defense, which would keep those witnesses’ names secret, for now.

Last month Spencer agreed to an initial 10 blank subpoenas for McDonnell. The former governor’s lawyers say blank subpoenas are critical to the defense in order to keep certain witnesses’ names from the prosecution and the public via the media.

When I entered college, I wanted to be a lawyer. Then I met some law students . . . .

Anyhoo, from my non-lawyerly perspective, I think the Regent’s legal staff has decided that their only available strategy is to raise so much dust that the truth becomes obscured by clouds.

More dust bunnies at the link.


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