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The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Dan Casey tells the story one 91-year-old person’s attempt to obtain a “valid photo ID” so she can exercise her right to vote. Follow the link and read of the punishment she was willing to endure so as to be allowed to have a say in the next election.

Years ago, back when she lived in New York, Trapani used to be an elections official. She worked at the polls when she lived in Florida too. “And I’ve always voted. Whenever there was an election, I voted.” She considers it a civic duty.


But her Virginia driver’s license is expired, and her passport is too. So recently she went through a significant hassle to get a valid photo ID, which is required of all voters under a new state election law that took effect July 1.

Republicans are betting that most persons won’t go through the trouble, allowing themselves to be de facto disenfranchised.

The Republican Party has become a vile and loathsome thing.


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