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You Have These Thoughts 0

If you are white, you do. I do–not nearly so often as I used to, but still occasionally–and I kick myself when I do because I know it’s my Virginia heritage and not my humanity talking.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Peggy Schultz has the guts to admit it. Do you?

The group of 10 or more young white men walked down Cambridge, as I sat in the bus stop on the other side of the FedEx Office store at Farwell and Brady. I could see them through the windows, all nicely-dressed, in T-shirts, with their shorts at their waists, not sagging or drooping several inches below onto their thighs. The first word that popped into my mouth was “gang,” but then I laughed to myself. This was no gang. After all, they were white, right?

After all, nothing is more American than racism.

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