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Boys Being Boys? 0

Werner Herzog’s Bear posts another in his continuing and only slightly tongue-in-cheek series exploring white pathology. It’s his effort to debunk what he describes as “the false narrative that the pathologies of black people are what’s to blame for their economic and social inequality in American life, not systemic racism.”

A nugget (emphasis added):

Of course, Americans like to point to the embarrassing violence and hate they see among European soccer fans and feel smug, as if that kind of thing doesn’t happen in this country. It does, but in a much more random and less organized fashion. Just take a look at our college campuses. Michigan State University is infamous for its post-game rioting, where students have a tradition of lighting couches on fire in the street after big games. Earlier this year a student mob at the University of Arizona had to be dispersed by riot police after their team lost a basketball game. When Penn State fired Joe Paterno for having protected serial abuser and rapist Jerry Sandusky, students rioted, tearing down lamp posts and throwing rocks at police. (Guess what? The police did not bring in military vehicles, point rifles at the students, or use tear gas. Gee, I wonder why?) If it were young black men and not white men doing this you can bet that couch burning would be turned into an epidemic by Fox News along the lines of the bogus “knockout game.”

Please do read the rest.


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