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War Profiteers 1

I take anything associated with Glenn Greenwald with a grain of salt. Though I sympathize with many of his leanings, I find that his tendency to promote himself often renders his “reportage” less than objective.

Nevertheless, even though this came from his website (no link–it’s mentioned in the video and you can find it yourself), I thought it worth a look.


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  1. George Smith

    September 11, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Interesting. Shee Atika seems to be an inconsequential Native American business that somehow has latched onto this, along with many other companies with no expertise in the area at all.
    I saw this a lot in the growth of small private sector “fusion centers” for the war on terrorism and in the bioterror industry. The US built the NBACC, a huge facility in Fort Detrick, to do all its biodefense analytical and research work. What I then found is that samples sent to the NBACC are sent on to some nobody small business company with no former experience in the area but which has put together a small lab to do the same work the former was already built and staffed for. It’s a fetish for privatization and, I assume, it’s pushed relentlessly by managers who have been instructed to hand out work to small businesses as much as possible. It verges on fraud and is an obvious waste of money. With Shee Atika, if you go to the website of Shee Atika Management Services, it appears to me that the firm is a thrown together subcontractor operation for war on terror/global war translation services based in Ft. Belvoir, an Army installation, near DC. They don’t even have the people yet and are/were advertising for translators experienced in Middle Eastern dialects.

    This short piece, a lot of which is hidden behind a paywall, indicate its effort my already have gone
    down in flames:

    “Law360, Washington (September 03, 2014, 7:03 PM ET) — A defunct translation services subcontractor said on Tuesday that it plans to ask the Fourth Circuit to revive its $25 million breach of contract suit against a U.S. Army prime contractor for failing to pay it for intelligence translation services.

    The former Native American interpreting company Shee Atika Languages LLC claims that Global Linguist Solutions shorted the subcontractor after the Army questioned some of the payments in the contract, but a Virginia federal court tossed the suit in August for failing to provide evidence of the…”

    It appears the business may have foundered in some way after another subcontractor and the US Army decided not to pay them. It has the smell of wrongness about it, in a way that suggests a firm or firms promised delivery on services while still putting businesses together.

    This kind of private sector thing has been part of DoD and the intelligence infrastructure for a long time. But the war on terror/perpetual war spending, essentially free money, has made it much worse. The MRAPs program is another example. DoD threw production open to just about anyone. The result was an US and international conglomerate of manufacturers all grubbing for the free pie, making thousands of the things, all different models which you can see using Google images, almost all of which were bought and are now, well, you know the rest of the story.