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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Politeness is next to cleanliness.

Witnesses state that Hambaugh was sitting in the kitchen, preparing to clean his handgun.

When Hambaugh attempted to disassemble the gun a round had inadvertently been left in the handgun.

As he attempted to remove the slide, the bullet discharged.

It struck the inside of Hambaugh’s left thigh, traveled through the thigh, and after exiting struck the (nine-month-old–ed.) child in the head.

Note how “he had negligently left a round” morphs into “a round had inadvertently been left,” as gun nuts are never responsible for what they do because they have Second Amendment rights–just ask them.

If you read such reports regularly, you will see this pattern: Gun nuts who negligently inadvertently injure or kill others always do so in the passive voice.

The stupid, it burns.


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