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Parsing the Panic 0

Dr. Dan Gottlieb speaks with Dr. Priscilla Ward and Dr. Cindy Dell Clark about the dynamics of fear. The first part of the show considers why Americans are panicking over ebola, but don’t get flu shots. Here’s a bit from the webpage:

Dr. Priscilla Wald, author of Contagious: Cultures, Carriers, and the Outbreak Narrative, a study of the intersection of medicine and myth in the idea of contagion and the evolution of the contemporary stories we tell about the global health problem of “emerging infections. Wald is also the author of Constituting Americans: Cultural Anxiety and Narrative Form. She is also editor of American Literature as well as on the Editorial Board of Literature and Medicine as well as a is a member of the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy and an affiliate of the Trent Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities and the Institute for Global Health.

The audio is at the link. I think you will find the show well worth a listen.

I do think that the discussion did not give sufficient weight to one factor: the racism and bigotry that provides a base line to the ebola melody from the wingnut Wurlitzer.

The segment ends at about the 34 minute mark; there’s a short begathon break at the 20 minute mark.


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