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Empty Suits 0

What would happen if a high-profile TV presenter wore the same suit every day for a year? It’s a question that we now have an answer to, thanks to the efforts of Karl Stefanovic, a presenter from Australia. Unsurprisingly, the answer is: nothing.

Stefanovic, who co-presents Channel Nine’s Today show with Lisa Wilkinson, has been wearing the same blue suit – day in, day out, except for a few trips to the dry cleaner – to make a point about the ways in which his female colleagues are judged. “No one has noticed,” he said.

Early in my working career, I carpooled with the secretary of my company’s controller. This was just a little after the Mad Men era: bosses still had secretaries who typed memos, did filing, and controlled their schedules, and no boss would lower himself (they were all hims) to do his own typing.

This particular boss was a jerk, and not just to his employees. He was an all-around jerk, a utility infielder of a jerk, someone who could be competently jerky regardless of the position he played.

His secretary’s duties included taking care of his dry-cleaning, for Pete’s sake. She therefore knew of what she spoke when she told the carpool that he wore a different suit every day, but you would never know it because all his suits were identical bespoke muted blue pinstripes.


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