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Gutless and Gutted (Updated) 0

I am not a partisan. I’m an activist, though not as active as I used to be. I support Democrats because they are the only feasible alternative to the vile and loathsome thing that Republicanism has become on its journey to becoming the Party of the New Secesh.

Those who beliee that a third party is the answer betray their ignorance of American history and the workings of American politics. Those who believe in some mystical “third way” between the two existing parties are, by and large, Republicans’ dupes, symps, and fellow-travelers made uncomfortable by the actions of their fellows and desiring to perfume the pig sty.

Nevertheless, I do recognize that, for the last 30 years, since the reign of Reagan, the Democratic party, with few exceptions, has run scared, peopled with gutless wonders unwilling to stand up for anything much.

The gutless are destined to lose. Let Shaun Mullen explain.

There is a bright side, I guess. I will stop getting a lot of stupid emails that have clogged my inbox for the past three months.

Addendum, Bright Side Dept.:

My email is down by at least 75%.


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