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It’s Just Ones and Zeros 0

Most persons seem to be a-skeered of installing a computer operating system. Even First Son, who is master gamer, once said to me, “I won’t mess with the OS.” Really, though, it’s quite easy. Remember, it’s just ones and zeros.

Over the years, I’ve installed several flavors of DOS and Windows and more versions of Linux than you can shake a mouse at.

In this video, Linux Voice demonstrates how to get started with Linux by installing Linux Mint. Mint is not my favorite distro (that would be Slackware), but it is a fine distro and one configured to have an interface friendly to persons used to Windows–I have it running on two boxes right now, including my primary laptop.

If installing a new OS frightens you, just watch this. Installing an OS is much easier than you think:

Full Disclosure:

I contributed to Linux Voice’s Indiegogo campaign to start their magazine and have a print subscription. It’s worth every penny.

Their podcast absolutely rocks. It’s not only full of news and information, it’s full of laughter.


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