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Hucksters on the Hustings 0

Dick Polman explains the fascination:

But here’s the main thing: Huckabee’s inclusion would be great news for Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and other party establishment candidates.

With Huckabee in the mix, the likeliest scenario is that he and his rightward rivals would divvy up the evangelical electorate – essentially cancelling each other out, in terms of vote percentage. That would make it easier for a center-right guy like Bush to finish on top – not in Iowa, but in the subsequent big-state primaries, where the GOP’s center-right electorate is considerably more sizeable.

One quibble: There is no such thing as a “center right.” There are the racist right, the culture-warrior right, and the business right (often the three overlap), and there’s nothing center about a one of them.

The only thing “center” about the “center right” is that it knows not to be overtly racist and misogynistic in public. It uses code words instead.

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