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A week ago, one of my UPS’s died. It was getting on to 10 years old, so I can’t complain, though it maliciously chose to beep its way out of existence in the wee hours, sending me crawling about in the dark to find from whence comes that )*#)*##a$&% beeping. . . .

One of the computers attached to it survived without incident. On the other, a Lenovo graphics tablet configured to dual-boot Windows 7 and Mageia 5, it took out Mageia, which was the running operating system at the time. I decided to throw Debian on the machine, as I quite like Debian and had mastered Mageia; plus I wasn’t in the mood to troubleshoot the system (it would boot, but only to the emergency repair terminal).

I installed Debian with MATE and KDE (I’m not a big fan of the KDE desktop interface–too many flashing lights and sounding cymbals–but I generally prefer KDE applications over their Gnome equivalents. Yesterday, I did some basic configuration. Today, I installed and fine-tuned E17, which will be my primary desktop interface on this machine.

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