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The Trumpularity 0

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has had enough.

The news Friday of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s vulgar view of women and his conceivably criminal activity toward them wasn’t an October surprise, because it wasn’t a surprise. This is the real Donald Trump, as evidenced repeatedly during 16 months of attacks on Hispanics, Muslims, women, the disabled, women again, veterans, and women some more.

For the sake of the Republican Party and the nation — for god’s sake — enough. Enough altogether. Trump should immediately relinquish his nomination and allow, for a short month at least, the country to have a campaign that’s closer to representing its legitimate interests and actual divisions.

No nation should toy with electing a leader who beholds more than half of its population with disrespect. No party should be represented by a candidate whose ersatz positions bear such little coherence with its own. And no one should countenance a man who declares that, because he’s a star, he can prey on women, regardless of their consent, and speak of grabbing them by the genitalia.

That’s just the beginning.

The reason I didn’t expect to see such an editorial has nothing whatsoever to do with the Star-Tribune. Both major parties have been known to nominate candidates that were less than ideal. Nevertheless, I would have never expected to see such an editorial in a major mainstream newspaper regarding a major party nominee in a United States Presidential election. Full stop.

The Republican Party has achieved the Trumpularity.

Or something.

I have one quibble. When the Star-Tribune says, “For the sake of the Republican Party,” it neglects to mention that Donald Trump perfectly represents today’s Republican Party.

I could say more, but words fail me.


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