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Trumpling Truth 0

Bill Leuders marvels at the Republican Fantasy Land. A snippet; do read the rest:

A few weeks back, Time magazine ran a story titled, “The Truth Is Out There in 2016. Way Out There.” It begins with a vignette about a Donald Trump backer in North Carolina who believes climate change is a hoax, drug cartels control the government and, because it has just popped up as a headline on his smartphone, Obama has announced plans to seek a third presidential term.

The Trump backer, Allan Thiel, complains “people aren’t being taught history anymore” and “they’ve dumbed everybody down.” As if to prove the point, he elaborates, “Our country has never had any problems for the last 200 years. We’ve never had a problem with guns or racism until the last eight years.”

The article continues, “To simply grade the accuracy of Thiel’s statements misses the point, because Thiel’s beliefs do matter. They show up in double digits in national polls and belong to a reality shared by many Trump supporters.”


No, what we as a nation must do is insist that truth matters.

In related news, a while ago, Chauncey Devega released a podcast–I’m just getting around to it–in which he interviews Nicholas Stargardt, an Australian historian who teaches at Oxford. Devega starts the interview asking how the American politics appear from across the Big Pond. “Crazy,” is the answer.

Stargardt goes on to state that even the craziest European politician would not try to swim in the fact-free, falsehood infested pond in which the Republican Party and its followers splash. Follow the link and listen; the interview starts at approximately the 15-minute mark.


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