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“I Know I Am but What Are You?” 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Jeremy Sherman dissects the Republican Party’s electoral strategy–repetitive fact-free discourse. A snippet:

So what is their strategy? It’s simple. I’ll call it the no-growth formula, a formula for pretending that you never having to grow or learn from anything ever again. All it requires is an unflinching ability to lie with a straight face, an ability to play infallible judge over every decision, and a handful of rhetorical tricks for turning the table on everything and everyone in your way, retaliating against all challenges with counterchallenges tenfold.


    “This guy doesn’t think. He just automatically says whatever makes him sound infallible.”
    “That’s not true.”
    “See, he did it again.”
    “No, you’re the one who makes stuff up.”
    “There he goes, like a robot turning every challenge back on the challenger.”
    “I’m not doing that. You are.”
    “There it is again. See that, folks?”
    “Well, you do it too.”
    “Always defensive.”
    “I am not!”
    “See that? He’s proving my point.”

The no-growth formula is their MO, their only trick, their one-size-tricks-all, wall to wall formula.

He goes on to argue that, against such thinking, facts are useless, which, I suppose, has been borne out by events. For example. (Regrettably, he does not suggest an effective approach beyond “wait it out.”)


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