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The Comey-Upance 0

James Comey confirms that he’s a jerk there was no there there.

Lucy, labeled

Also, too.

And then there’s this from BadTux.

NY Daily News with headline saying that Comey is the

As I was emailing to my brother a couple of days ago, whatever reputation Comey had for integrity is–how shall I put this tactfully?–in tatters, gone, kaput, non-existent, as if it had never happened, a slag heap, a dump, a junk pile, a stinking pile of political hackery, sewer-fuel, a junkyard, a Ford Pinto–I could go on, but you get the point.

He is now the FBI’s own Chris Christie.

Next time you watch a TV show (say, Criminal Minds or reruns of Numb3rs) in which the FBI is sanctified, feel free to enjoy it, but think of James Comey and remind yourself that real life and television shows are two different things.

You’re damned right I’m pissed. Southbound end of a northbound horse.

Video via C&L. Charlie Brown image via Balloon Juice.


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