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Truth in Labeling 0

Daniel Farmer reports that the Associated Press has issued guidelines that truthful reporting requires using truthful words. In his discussion, he gives some examples:

As (AP Standards Editor–ed.) Daniszewski described it (“Alt-Right”–ed.), “The movement criticizes ‘multiculturalism’ and more rights for non-whites, women, Jews, Muslims, gays, immigrants and other minorities. Its members reject the American democratic ideal that all should have equality under the law regardless of creed, gender, ethnic origin or race.”

It’s time to call such things what they are: racist.

If you say people of color are the enemy, as the governor (Governor LePage of Maine–ed.) has, you’re a racist.

Same thing if you lie and say that black people commit 90 percent of crime in the state when the numbers don’t back you up, if you encourage violence against black men, and if you say immigrants carry disease and are terrorists.

You’re not part of the “alt-right.” Let’s be precise: You’re a racist.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, for I have noted this constancy over my years: Except for a militant few, racists don’t like to be called “racist”; indeed, most will vehemently deny even to themselves that they are racist even as the crosses burn brightly behind them.


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