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My Daddy taught me that voting is not a right; it’s a duty.

Two thoughts:

1. Not voting is a vote, perversely, mayhap, but still a vote, a vote to abdicate your responsibility to care about your neighbors, your community, and your polity.

An election at whatever level of government is not about you. It’s about the polity. Abandon it, you abandon the polity.

2. Vote in the real world, because that’s the world where we live–vote not in a fantasy world where perfection is likely or even attainable.

If you choose to vote for someone who doesn’t have a chance of winning, you are choosing option #1, but just dressing it up in Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes to make it seem palatable, but it’s merely a seeming. Behind the seeming is cowardice, fear to take a stand that matters, fear, indeed, to matter.

Your vote is your opportunity to influence. Use it wisely.


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