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Windows 7 in a VirtualBox virtual machine running on SlackwareCurrent on a Zareason Limbo desktop viewed through a Virtual Network Connection using the TightVNC viewer on Mint 17 running on a Zareason Strata laptop to connect to the X11vnc server on the Slackware box. In the foreground is the apt-get man(ual) page in the Terminator terminal emulator.

(The VNC window falls off the screen because the monitor of the target computer is larger than the monitor of the viewing computer, but it can be moved about with ALT-Left-Click-and-Hold. I would not be surprised that there’s some way to manage that more effectively, but I haven’t learned it yet.)

Windows 7 in VirtualBox VM on Slackware --Current viewed through a VNC from Mint 17.

Click for a larger image.


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