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Reg Henry has a theory that Donald Trump’s campaign strategy involved beating a dying horse. A snippet (emphasis added):

The biggest loser in the election was not Hillary Clinton. It was the media, whose defeat continues. Mr. Trump ran as much against the media as he did against Ms. Clinton. The whole election was an exercise in kicking an old dog that was already beaten down.

After 50 years of lesser politicians trying, Mr. Trump finally persuaded the people to blame everything on those who would hold politicians accountable. He sold the theory that the media constitute one great liberal monolith marching in lockstep.

But that doesn’t reflect reality. Never before in history has news come from such diverse sources — and fake news is available to those who don’t find the real news slanderous enough and need a pain-relief patch for their brains.

I gave up on television news a long time ago, when I noticed that it made creme-filled doughnuts and candy corn seem nutritious. As my two or three regular readers have probably figured out, I visit lots of newspaper websites every few days or so. (No, I do not read every word of every website.) Despite the annoyance of ads and other distractions, newspapers still provide some depth of coverage and reading a number of them provides some breadth of coverage, neither of which are available between the Xarelto ads on broadcast news.

Follow the link for the rest of the article.


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