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Stolen Identity 2

John Cole skewers the hypocrites who are bleating about Democrats’ having to “end identity politics.” Here’s a teaser; follow the link for a magnificent, blistering rant (language).

What you mean when you say “identity politics” is you mean all those groups you want to systematically oppress try to stand up and defend themselves and it hurts your feelings because you can’t have your way.



  1. GS

    December 10, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Honest to Pete, after reading that I’ve no idea why I’m still on the sidebar. The fellow uses “semi-literate” in the lede as a putdown and then overdoses on “fuck.”

  2. Frank

    December 10, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    I said it was a rant and I warned about the language.

    John started out as a Republican war-blogger when George the Worst was in his first term. He realized his error, but he still shows the bitterness of the disillusioned. For all that his language can be intemperate, he’s one of the good guys.

    My sidebar is not intended to be consistent. It’s intended to display sites that I respect and that I think do not get enough notice. (Plus the Phillies, as baseball is the only professional sport I take an interest in any more. The corruption of big time football has destroyed any enjoyment I used to take in it, and neither hockey nor basketball fit inside a television screen. I enjoyed both of them in person, but seeing them in person hasn’t been on my radar since the Washington Warriors were called the “Bullets.”)

    If you want me to take you off the sidebar, I shall do so willingly, but not happily.