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The Bickersons Go Electronic 0

El Reg reports:

A fella in the US is suing his ex?wife, alleging she broke federal wiretapping and privacy laws by snooping on his email during their divorce.

The case, just kicked off in an Illinois district court after six years of wrangling, pits Barry Epstein against his former spouse of 46 years, Paula Epstein, who filed for divorce in 2011. During their separation, Paula obtained, read and used his emails as leverage to get a favorable settlement, it is claimed.

Frankly, I don’t see how the “wiretapping” allegations can hold water between a married couple, even if they were in the midst of a divorce, but I do find it disturbing if, as clained, she shared communications between her husband and his lawyer with her own lawyer. I find even more disturbing that her lawyer didn’t tell her to stop.

Then, again, she may have done none of these things. It may just be the husband flailing about. Lots of flailing goes on during bitter divorces.

More at the link. Learn about and listen to the Bickersons. (Audio is in RealPlayer format.)


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