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Fly the Fiendly Skies 0

The International Air Transport Association reports that the skies are getting fiendlier. A nugget:

What worries IATA officials is that the severity of the situations is increasing, Tim Colehan, IATA’s assistant director of external affairs, told USA TODAY.

“We saw an increase in incidents where all other forms of de-escalation had been exhausted and the cabin crew had no other option but to restrain the unruly passenger for the safety of everyone onboard,” he said.

The numbers break down to approximately 30 serious “unruly passenger” incidents on U.S. flights every day, Forbes reported.

That’s 30 a day out of over 40,000 flights in the US, so it’s an inconsequential percentage, but still too high. The story goes on to point out that alcohol is often a factor. Few things ruin a air trip more than being trapped on a plane with an obstreperous drunk–not even a crying baby, because, remember, the baby can’t help it.

Back when I was stepping on airplanes in the course of my employment, I never drank during the flight. I had to rent cars and find hotels or work sites when the planes landed, and I didn’t want to do that sort of stuff while I was sobering up. Instead, I would meditate, or, if you prefer, invoke the relaxation response. which is what meditation does.

Once I was safely ensconced in my hotel at the end of the work day, I was ready for the drinking to begin.


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