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Apocalypse Now 0

Sarah Huckabee Sanders at press briefing:  By moving the embassy to Jerusalem the President has fulfilled his promise to his evangelical base to usher in the apocalypse before the release of the next Veggie Tales movie.  We feel awful about the massacre of Palestinians and prayers and thoughts, y'all.  The President suggests y'all study 2 Corinthians for guidance.  Let me reassure y'all that the President remains fully committed to facilitating Armageddon in the Middle East.  As for the volcanic fissures that have erupted in Israel, we have no comment.

Via Job’s Anger.


If Donald Trump knows what “2 Corinthians” is or says, I’ll eat my hats. And I have a lot of hats.

When I worked at Amtrak, one of the conductors on my morning commute called me the “hat guy.”


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