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At The Philadelphia Inquirer, Will Bunch notes there is a significant difference between the percentage of Democrats vs. the percentage of Republicans who are taking the coronavirus seriously pointing out, for example, that “Democrats are twice more likely (61 percent) than Republicans (30 percent) to say they plan to stop attending large gatherings . . . .”

He suggests that it’s all about the Fox News/AM talk radio bubble and what he refers to as “the Republican war on science.” Here’s an excerpt; follow the link for the rest:

In the most publicized incident, Fox Business prime-time host Trish Regan went even too far for her conservative bosses in a monologue that accused Democrats of using the coronavirus crisis “to destroy and demonize this president,” against a logo that read, “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam.” (She was later put on hiatus.)

Regan may have been an extreme case, but she was also emblematic of a feedback loop between Trump and conservative media in seeking to downplay the public health threat.


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