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Dis Coarse Discourse, Tilting at the Bernie Windmill Dept. 0

I am not a fan of Bernie Sanders.

I admit that this is a purely personal reaction and concede that it is fed partly by the obnoxious behavior of a segment of his acolytes, the “Bernie Bros,” rather than one based on rational analyses of positions on issues before the polity.

Nevertheless, I must say that much of the opposition to his candidacy amongst what was called, when I was a young ‘un, “the Establishment” (as witness the meltdown by Chris Matthews that has been much in the news) is based on a mythical Bernie construct little related to the reality of his positions on the issues or to his record.

Martin Longman, in considering a recent column by David Brooks (aka, the man who is always wrong), offers an excellent analysis of said mythical Bernie construct.

I commend it to your attention.


I don’t base my vote on whether I find someone likable (or whether I’d like to have a beer with him or her, for Pete’s sake).

And you shouldn’t either.


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