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The Wall-Eyed Piker, behind Closed Doors 0

At The Japan Times, Brad Glosserman makes a convincing case that Donald Trump’s “American First” impulse and its related policies whims, such as his farcical trade wars, represent the resurfacing of a recurrent American theme: “isolationism,” the notion that the country–one founded, ironically, on exports such as tobacco and cotton–could somehow exist in a vacuum alone from the rest of the world.

He goes on to argue that the coronavirus pandemic has showed nor only the practical fallacies of this notion, but also its moral and intellectual bankruptcy. Here’s a snippet:

His (Trump’s–ed.) administration’s efforts to block or reroute shipments of medical equipment from non-U.S. customers demonstrate a selfishness and short-sightedness that is virtually unprecedented in modern U.S. history.

Follow the link for the rest.


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