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Barefoot and in the Kitchen 0

From the intro to the radio program, Rocky Jordan, which ran from 1949 to 1951 and was picked up by Del Monte several months into its run.

Del Monte! The brand preferred by more women than any other line of canned fruits and vegetables in the world!

Not that it betrays any stereotypes or sexism or anything like that there.

I’m listening to Rocky Jordan at the Old Time Radio Theater, but I did not link to it because it requires a minimal contribution (10 dollars) for full access, and Rocky Jordan is behind the paywall (2500 OTR shows are available on the front page). Said minimal contribution is well worth it; that site is without question the best OTR website I”ve found.

Indeed, I am writing show descriptions for that site in appreciation for all the enjoyment it has given me over the years.


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