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“Bad Apples” 0

Writing at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Elijah Todd-Walden finds that the “few bad apples” notion regarding rogue cops is of little comfort. A snippet:

Time and time again, those “bad apples” have been granted impunity to continue to tarnish the name of the police and taint the trust of the community, especially with black and brown Americans. Derek Chauvin had 18 complaints filed against him before he killed George Floyd, only two of which were closed “with discipline.”

Perhaps the most apt comment I’ve heard about “the few bad apples on the police force” theory of police brutality came in a recent episode of The Bob Cesca Show (I can’t remember precisely which one).

Suppose, asked one of the participants, that, after a pilot flew an airliner into the side of a mountain, the airline announced that it was just one of a few bad apples among its crews?


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