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The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

The voter fraudsters aren’t who Republicans want you to think they are.

Business Insider’s Tom Lobianco reports that Mike and Karen Pence have once again used the Indiana governor’s mansion as their home address to vote absentee in their home state. Which is probably news to Eric Holcomb, the Hoosier State’s governor since January 9, 2017.

The report goes on to explain that, through some strange Alice-through-the-Looking-Glass reasoning, this is apparently legal in Indiana because that was their last residence of record in the state. Or something.


Many years ago, in my road warrior days, I was sitting in the bar of my favorite hotel in Chicago. At a table close to me, three young whippersnappers in three-piece suits from what was then called the Sears Tower, which was about two blocks away, were discussing impending layoffs at their outfit.

Finally, one of them, as he took a sip (or maybe it was a gulp) of his whiskey, said, “Well, I know one thing. I’m never going back to Indiana.”

I think I now understand why.


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