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Facebook Frolics (Updated) 0

Lies about the wildfires in the West are spreading on Facebook like, you will pardon the expression, wildfire.

We are a society of stupid.

And gullible.


Will Bunch is distressed by the Americans’ gullibility quotient. Here’s a snippet from his column:

QAnon and its tentacles are perhaps the most overt example of an electorate where suspicion, rage and resentment is far more likely to fuel public reaction to the 2020 election — and all the concurrent crises like COVID-19 or the West Coast wildfires — than the rational responses that political science majors (like me) were wrongly trained to expect.


I trained as an historian. I know that societies can go nuts.

But I’m most distressed to witness my own society doing so.

I am not sanguine.


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