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Misdirection Play, Thought Police Dept. 0

Clarence Page, in a longer article about attempts to ban books and shove ideas under the rug, sums up the current, exptremely popular misdirection play on the part of the right-wing. He even mentions our own Governor Trumpkin:

The national moral panic over CRT has caused me to give up arguing that real CRT, a college-level legal and academic argument about the impact of historic and systemic racism, isn’t even taught in public schools. Ever since Republican Glenn Youngkin beat expectations by winning Virginia’s gubernatorial race as an anti-CRT crusader, conservatives nationwide have applied the label to any diversity talk or study that they don’t like.

Follow the link for context.


I share Page’s opinion of Huckleberry Finn.

Despite the prolific use of the n-word, as was common in the time that the novel was written, the arc of the story is a powerful indictment of racism; Huck chooses friendship and humanity over bigotry. Those who are distracted by the n-word miss the message of the missive.

Mark Twain understood America, and he understood the stain of its original sin.

(Spellink erorr corexed.)


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