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The Loose Cannon 0

At Above the Law, Liz Dye dissects the government’s latest moves regarding the documents that Donald Trump stole from the U. S. Government and Judge Cannon’s farcical ruling mandating a special master. It is a complex and fascinating read. Here’s a tiny bit of it, indicating the degree of stupid being invoked (emphasis added).

“For obvious reasons, the Intelligence Community (“IC”) would have a compelling need to understand which formerly-classified records have now been declassified, why and how they were declassified, and the impact of any such declassification, including on the IC’s protection of its sources and methods and on the classification status of related records or information,” they (the Department of Justice–ed.) argue.

But if Donald Trump insists on playing this silly game, and if the court insists on letting him, the government would like to remind all parties that there can be no executive privilege in documents which have been declassified and converted to personal property via magical incantation done behind closed doors in direct contravention of the procedures set out in the Presidential Records Act.

Of course, this farce is completely in keeping with Donald Trump’s tactics throughout his career. Whenever he’s been backed against the wall by bankruptcy and business failures, he has resorted to tying his opponents up in court proceedings until they settle for pennies on the dollar or, sometimes, just give up and go away.


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