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A Tune for the Times 0

Mangy comments at the Youtube page:

Mangy Fetlocks grew up around guns and has a few himself, but he doesn’t believe God gave him the right to own them. Honestly, Mangy doesn’t believe that God is any more interested in whether Mangy has a gun than God might be interested in whether Mangy has a four-slice toaster or one of those blade balancers for when he sharpens his lawnmower blades. Mangy does believe God sends his own mower blades out to be done and has a “Holy Toast” brand 42-slice commercial toaster. (J.C. is big on toast. Says so in The Bible, if you read it backwards.) Anyway, Mangy thought he’d write a little song about this absurd linkage, in the minds of many Americans, between God and guns.


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