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And Now for a Musical Interlude 0

This is a relatively new genre of music called “lofi” (or maybe “Lo-Fi” or “Lofi”).

We first encountered it this week when we visited a local coffee shop for the first time; it was playing as background music, and we found it quite appealing. The proprietor told me, when I asked him what the music he was playing was called, that you can find lots of it on Youtube, so I did. When I searched for it, many of the links also referred to “hip-hop,” but it seems to me much more related to smooth jazz than to hip-hop.

I have been a jazz fan for many years, since I first stumbled upon Cannonball Adderley (and also a fan of jazz’s distant cousin, swing, as my two or three regular readers already know), though of course I was already aware of jazz, because how could you grow up in the Disunited States and not be? But Adderley made me a fan.

I can’t say that I’m knowledgeable about jazz. All I can say is that I like it, especially smooth jazz and blues.

Oh. And we also liked the coffee shop and will likely visit it again.


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