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Jonathan Friedman of PEN America argues forcefully that the current crusade against books, particularly books available to students, is ideologically driven and unprecedented in the level of coordination amongst the anti-idea brigades and that it is part of a larger crusade against public education in general. Here’s a bit from his article:

Writer Dr. Farah Jasmine Griffin remarked at a recent PEN event, “People who read books don’t ban them.”

In Walton, Florida, when the superintendent decided to yank two dozen books off school library shelves, for example, he told the press, “I haven’t read one paragraph of the books at this time.” His decision to pull those titles was done unilaterally, based on a list emailed to him by one of these advocacy groups. Those groups somehow held more sway than the views of teachers, librarians and parents who disagreed with the bans in the district.

The entire article is worth the three or four minutes it will take you to read it.


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