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No Place To Hide from the Dragnet 0

The EFF reports on a California court’s decision to disallow evidence from a “geofence” warrant.* The report also discusses Google’s procedure for responding to such warrants and notes that this is one of several rulings questioning such warrants.

Here’s one bit from the article; follow the link to read the rest.

Those courts held the warrants were overbroad because police can’t establish probable cause to believe all Google users in an area are somehow linked to the crime under investigation.

Me, I keep “location services” turned off on my phone unless I have a positive need, which is almost never, because I know how to read a map. Remember maps?

*Briefly, a geofence warrant is issued to the corporate surveillance state–all those companies that track the location of our phones or other devices so they can “improve your online experience”–to find out who was in the vicinity of a crime. The police then go through the list to pick out and pursue possible suspects.


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